Our first run

dog run

Today we went on a run with our dogs for the very first time. We want to wait a little bit until they got a bit older before we started running with them. Our vet told us that younger dog shouldn’t go running for extended periods of time. I guess they said that it’s fine if they run around on soft ground but having them run on pavement would be detrimental to their health. It didn’t make much sense to us but we chose to err on the side of caution regardless.

We started off slow by going on a 4 mile run. I know most of you will think that for miles is a pretty long run, but for us that’s actually really short run. We’ve been training to run in the Eversoure marathon in Hartford Connecticut this upcoming year. It’s been a goal of ours to run a marathon for quite some time and were finally buckling down to do it.

The dog seemed to really enjoy our run. It didn’t take us very long. And they seem to keep up the whole time that we are running. When we got home they ran straight to their water dish and food bowl. After they refresh themselves they collapsed. They were exhausted.

We didn’t know if they would want to go running the next day. But sure enough, once we put our running shoes on, the dogs are right next to us ready to go on the run. I’m hoping that this is going to be a morning routine of ours. I love spending time with our dogs and if I can spend some quality time with them for work, that you consider that to be a great start to the day. Continue reading



We celebrated the holiday weekend by having a barbecue over our place. We had about 40 of our friends and family come join us. It was great to see everyone.

We really lucked out on the weather too. It was about 85° and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. We had music blasting, the grill fired up, laughter in the air, everything was perfect.

It was one of those days that makes you really appreciate life. If only every day could have been like that.

We had rented a bounce house for the kids. I know there have been safety concerns are about bounce houses lately, but we felt that it would be worth the risk. We made sure that there was supervision on hand at all times.

One thing that our friend recommended we get ahead of time was a dog playpen. They had used a dog playpen at their BBQ and found it to be an invaluable purchase. The playpen for dogs made sure that the dogs – and everyone else – was safe. This is a main priority. They said that the playpen for dogs also provided a way for the children to pet the dogs without having any chance of hurting the dogs or being bit by the dogs.

In order to make sure that everyone was safe, we purchased a couple of dog playpens. As for the dogs, we set up there dog playpen that we had just bought and let them run amok in there. The reason that we chose to buy some dog playpens was so that the dogs would have the opportunity to play and feel like they were part of the fun without any risk of them hurting the children that were around – or ingesting something that they shouldn’t. The metal dog play pen that we got was incredibly well made and served its purpose. Now we have a nice dog playpen for whenever we want to go traveling or for when we are gone from home for an extended period of time.

They seem to love it because they got to be outside with everyone. I’m sure they would’ve loved to run free, but unfortunately there were children around and we just couldn’t risk it.

Normally get along with children really well, however some the kids are a lot younger and don’t know how to interact with dogs. It was simply not worth the risk.

Our barbecue lasted about 10 hours, which is incredibly long time. However, it was absolutely worth it to see everyone. By the end of the day we were absolutely exhausted. We are probably as tired as the dogs were after the day at the beach the other day. Once the last person left, we went out to the couch and fell right asleep. We thought were to be able to watch an episode of Grey’s anatomy but that sure didn’t work out.

Seriously though, it was such a great day. Continue reading



Today we’re able to take her dogs to the beach. This is the first time that they had been near the ocean. They were a bit skittish it going onto the sand at first. They had never seen anything like it.

While our dogs absolutely love to play in mud, sand is a bit different texture. Nevertheless, once they put their paws on the sand they were absolutely happy to be there. It did not take long for them to adjust at all.

This is typical for our dogs. There always skittish at first and then they adapt really quickly. I think they really trust us that were making the decisions in their best interest.

After they were running around on the sand for a couple of hours, they tried to go into the ocean. The waves were scaring them a good bit. We were eventually able to get them and thereby throwing some tennis balls a few feet in. Also, once I saw that we were going into the water without a problem, they decided that they wanted to join.

I think it really establishes that we are the pack leader when they will follow us into an uncertain area. We really took Cesar Milan’s advice to heart. Establishing yourself as a pack leader is so important. If we hadn’t watched this series we would be so screwed

We spent about seven hours total at the beach. We went through a couple of gallons of water, so I don’t want anyone to worry that we were exhausted in our dogs. However, I will say that they were absolutely tuckered out when we got home. It was glorious to be able to cook and clean and watch TV and peace. They also look so cute sleeping.

Until next time! Continue reading


dog hiking

Today we went hiking at sleeping giant mountain. For those of you who aren’t from Connecticut, it’s one of the better places to go hiking with your dog. Surprisingly, for having so many hills in Connecticut there aren’t really many places that are dog friendly. You can usually bring your dog to most places, but you have to keep them on a leash. I mean if you’re gonna be bringing your dog for a hike what’s the point if they can’t run off leash. Dogs are meant to run around not be placed on leashes.

Anyways, it was a beautiful day for a hike. The sun was shining and the wind was gently blowing. The leaders were wrestling with every gust of wind. There were several people who were out and about hiking along with us. Everyone that we encountered was friendly. Our dogs got to make a lot of puppy friends. It truly was a great day.

We took the advice of the American kennel club and brought plenty of water with us. We don’t want our dogs get dehydrated. Unfortunately a lot of other dog owners didn’t adhere to this advice. We had to offer a lot of our water up to fellow dog owners. Hopefully will remember to bring more water in the future.

Real some of the cutest couple who had just adopted their dog off of Petfinder. It was a little beagle mix. He was very very cute. It makes me want to get another dog, but I feel that free is enough.

We had a great time hiking and I hope that it’s nice out the rest of the summer and that we can go again. Continue reading