Today we’re able to take her dogs to the beach. This is the first time that they had been near the ocean. They were a bit skittish it going onto the sand at first. They had never seen anything like it.

While our dogs absolutely love to play in mud, sand is a bit different texture. Nevertheless, once they put their paws on the sand they were absolutely happy to be there. It did not take long for them to adjust at all.

This is typical for our dogs. There always skittish at first and then they adapt really quickly. I think they really trust us that were making the decisions in their best interest.

After they were running around on the sand for a couple of hours, they tried to go into the ocean. The waves were scaring them a good bit. We were eventually able to get them and thereby throwing some tennis balls a few feet in. Also, once I saw that we were going into the water without a problem, they decided that they wanted to join.

I think it really establishes that we are the pack leader when they will follow us into an uncertain area. We really took Cesar Milan’s advice to heart. Establishing yourself as a pack leader is so important. If we hadn’t watched this series we would be so screwed

We spent about seven hours total at the beach. We went through a couple of gallons of water, so I don’t want anyone to worry that we were exhausted in our dogs. However, I will say that they were absolutely tuckered out when we got home. It was glorious to be able to cook and clean and watch TV and peace. They also look so cute sleeping.

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