Our first run

Today we went on a run with our dogs for the very first time. We want to wait a little bit until they got a bit older before we started running with them. Our vet told us that younger dog shouldn’t go running for extended periods of time. I guess they said that it’s fine if they run around on soft ground but having them run on pavement would be detrimental to their health. It didn’t make much sense to us but we chose to err on the side of caution regardless.

We started off slow by going on a 4 mile run. I know most of you will think that for miles is a pretty long run, but for us that’s actually really short run. We’ve been training to run in the Eversoure marathon in Hartford Connecticut this upcoming year. It’s been a goal of ours to run a marathon for quite some time and were finally buckling down to do it.

The dog seemed to really enjoy our run. It didn’t take us very long. And they seem to keep up the whole time that we are running. When we got home they ran straight to their water dish and food bowl. After they refresh themselves they collapsed. They were exhausted.

We didn’t know if they would want to go running the next day. But sure enough, once we put our running shoes on, the dogs are right next to us ready to go on the run. I’m hoping that this is going to be a morning routine of ours. I love spending time with our dogs and if I can spend some quality time with them for work, that you consider that to be a great start to the day.